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Bring the security of your IT infrastructures to an uncompromising, state-of-the-art maximum standard with the help of our excellently trained experts. As a managed security service provider, we help you to achieve this – with our customized solutions in network, cloud, mail and endpoint security as well as in the context of SASE.

– Linus Espach, Founder.

We are ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and ISO 9001:2015 certified!

Our security checkup is exactly the right thing for you if...

… you are a medium-sized company with at least 100 employees.

... you have complex IT systems and infrastructures, which your employees and customers use.

... your IT grows and constantly needs to be maintained, developed as well as defended against external attacks.

We don't just want you to feel safe, we want you to be safe. That is why we have developed the following services for you:

Managed security services (MSS)

We offer managed IT services, in the context of which we take full responsibility for recurring IT security tasks in our customers' security infrastructure on a long-term basis.

IT security consulting

We are active in the field of technical consulting. Here we concentrate on solving specific problems of our customers – either fully managed by Rheintec or together in a team with the internal experts of our customers.

IT security maintenance and support services

With our IT security maintenance and support services, we offer you technical support, on-call service, as well as maintenance and application support - around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


You are experienced in IT security and looking for a new professional challenge? Would you like to join the best team in the world and unleash your full potential in a true start-up atmosphere? Then join our family and become part of our rapid growth. Write IT security history and celebrate our successes with us. Apply now for one of our vacancies!

Stay always Up-To-Date!

Read our white papers and e-books and find out what is up in IT-Security world! All posts are based on knowledge of our engineers and partners.

Zero Trust adoption is on the rise…

Here’s a diagnostic guide outlining seven symptoms that your firewall is unfit for today’s zero trust security world. Any one of these seven symptoms is a sign that your organization needs a cloud security cure.

E-Book: Transformation Through Zero Trust

As the internet becomes your new corporate network, zero trust provides the path to fast, seamless, and secure access across your entire business ecosystem. Explore the countless benefits of a true zero trust platform.

E-Book: Enabling the Modern Workplace - with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange.

Modern workplace enablement, secured. Empower your workforce and your business ecosystem with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange.

An Architect's Guide to the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Network and security professionals overseeing zero trust initiatives should read this guide to learn how to deliver effective control and visibility across their Zero Trust initiatives.

White Paper: Work-from-Anywhere

The enterprise must be able to prevent the risk of exposure while still allowing their employees to access the internet and applications needed to stay productive. But how?

Data Sheet: Zscaler Internet Access

Zscaler Internet Access sits between your users and the internet, inspecting every byte of traffic inline across multiple security techniques, even within SSL. You get full protection from web and internet threats. And with a cloud platform that supports Cloud Firewall, Cloud IPS, Cloud Sandbox, Cloud DLP, CASB and Cloud Browser Isolation, you can start with the services you need today and activate others as your needs grow. Read this Data Sheet and find out more!

News and Worth Knowing: Our Blog

Cloud Security: Challenges and Solutions

In recent years, cloud technology has gained significant importance and has become an integral part of modern business environments. Companies are increasingly relying on cloud-based services to optimize their business processes and increase efficiency.

Threat of digital extortion

Ransomware attacks are one of the biggest threats to the IT security of businesses and individuals. In a ransomware attack, an attacker infiltrates a victim’s system and encrypts important files or the entire system.

A step towards better IT-Security

The threat of cyber attacks is constantly increasing, and businesses of all sizes must keep their IT security up to date in order to protect themselves. A Cyber Security Checkup is an important step in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in a company’s IT infrastructure.

The new benchmark for network security

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a security concept that assumes that all devices and users attempting to access the network are potential threats. This means that no person or device is automatically trusted, even if they are located within the network.

If you could improve something about your IT security, what would it be?

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