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What is Zscaler and how does it protect your business?

Zscaler is the leading cloud security platform that protects businesses from cyberattacks and data breaches by securely connecting users, devices and applications from any location over any network. With security techniques such as sandboxing, next generation firewall, advanced threat protection (ATP), URL filtering, SSL scanning and AV scanning, Zscaler provides the highest level of security. Built on a zero-trust architecture, the platform offers a broad security stack. In addition to a cloud firewall, advanced security features around the zero trust network, the most popular services are Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) and Zscaler Private Access (ZPA).


What does ‘zero trust’ mean?

Zero Trust is a concept for securing enterprise resources in the age of distributed infrastructure, cloud services and remote work. The zero trust principle is based on minimal access rights and assumes that all users and applications are potential threats. Holistic security is provided using context-based identity and policy enforcement.



What is Zscaler ZIA?

Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) provides a cloud-based web proxy that protects enterprises and their employees from web threats on their endpoints, regardless of location. Zscaler Internet Access provides comprehensive protection through cloud-based browser isolation for untrusted web categories, cloud-based sandboxing to protect against unknown malware and attacks (advanced threat protection), cloud-based next generation firewall and real-time reporting.



What is Zscaler ZPA?

Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) provides employees, regardless of location or endpoint, with secure and seamless zero-trust access to private applications running in a cloud or in their own data center. With ZPA, applications are never exposed to the Internet and are therefore completely invisible to unauthorized users.



Why Zscaler from Rheintec?

Rheintec is a Zscaler integrator in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Our Zscaler team consists of 6 certified Zscaler security engineers. As a Zscaler partner, we have already successfully implemented projects of various sizes. In addition to the implementation itself, we also provide consulting and Zscaler support with our Zscaler security engineers.

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